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One of the most technologically advanced helmets for street riders and clearly one of the best-looking helmets on the market.

Shoei’s innovation and cutting-edge design makes the RF-1000 a premium sports helmet.

Aerodynamically superior, the RF-1000 full-face sport helmet delivers wind tunnel proven high speed performance and ventilation. A perfect fit is achieved through removable and adjustable cheek pads and 3D comfort liner system which doesn’t shift during high speed riding.

Another facet of the legendary Shoei fit is the use of 3 shell sizes, and 4 sizes of EPS liners. The RF-1000 shell is of Shoei’s proprietary AIM + (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fiber Technology), which embeds ultra strong organic fibers into fiberglass.The result is a lightweight, yet strong, outer shell that is better able to absorb and disperse the force of an impact.

The RF-1000 Protection, at its technological best.
  • Quick Release Base Plate System
  • Upper Air Intake
  • Lower Air Intake
  • Aero Spoiler With Exhaust Vent
  • Neck Outlet
  • Face Shield Defogging Vent
  • Removable / Replaceable Cheek Pads and Chin Strap Covers
  • Preset Shield Opening Lever With Locking Mechanism
  • CX 1V Shield
  • AIM+ Shell Construction
  • Snell M2005

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