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Shoei Helmets


The J-WING is simply the most functional open-face helmet in the world today. It combines Shoei’s trademark craftsmanship and safety features with the convenience that only an open-face helmet can provide.

Whatever your cruising needs or preference, Shoei has a premium helmet with comfort, fit and features that will feel like it was made just for you.


TShoei innovation revolutionized the off-road world, creating the helmet that literally every off-road helmet today is patterned after.

While the world plays catch up, Shoei moves ahead with the new V-MOTO. A fully removable, replaceable, and washable 3D liner make for an adjustable fit and comfort that is second to none. The cross visor and mouth piece give the V-MOTO its aggressive good looks and improves aerodynamic stability. A Dual EPS liner ventilation system produces the ultimate in interior airflow. One look at the new V-MOTO and you can tell...


Shoei’s quest for perfection has come to this- the VFX-DT. State-of-the-art features in every detail make the VFX-DT the pinnacle of performance, comfort, and safety.

The extremely rigid and light weight outer shell is made from AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fibers). A remarkably comfortable fit can be achieved due to the availablilty of four outer shell sizes and four sizes of EPS liners. Semi-dual liner with extractor-exhaust vents maximize the ventilation effect of the VFX-DT. Off-road riders and experts agree, this cutting edge helmet is simply­ As Good As It Gets.


The X-ELEVEN has been the helmet of choice for professional riders since it’s introduction. Built to race specifications, the X-Eleven was designed and developed in collaboration with professional riders, like Jake Zemke, Eric Bostrom, and Chris Vermeulen to name a few.

Numerous hours in our wind tunnel and on racetracks around the world has produced an aerodynamically superior helmet with minimal lift and drag, plus incomparable fit and ventilation. The world’s most demanding riders demand nothing but the best. The X-ELEVEN only from Shoei.


One of the most technologically advanced helmets for street riders and clearly one of the best-looking helmets on the market. Shoei’s innovation and cutting-edge design makes the RF-1000 a premium sports helmet. Aerodynamically superior, the RF-1000 full-face sport helmet delivers wind tunnel proven high speed performance and ventilation. A perfect fit is achieved through removable and adjustable cheek pads and 3D comfort liner system which doesn’t shift during high speed riding.

Another facet of the legendary Shoei fit is the use of 3 shell sizes, and 4 sizes of EPS liners. The RF-1000 shell is of Shoei’s proprietary AIM + (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fiber Technology), which embeds ultra strong organic fibers into fiberglass.The result is a lightweight, yet strong, outer shell that is better able to absorb and disperse the force of an impact. The RF-1000 Protection, at its technological best.


Whether you’re cruising, touring, or sport riding, it’s hard to beat the comfort and protection of the TZ-R. Using technology developed for Shoei’s racing and performance models, the TZ-R’s aerodynamics reduce wind noise and increase stability.

The newest member of Shoei’s full-face family, the TZ-R, comes with a full Shoei pedigree. Extensive hours of wind tunnel and real-world testing refined it’s shape and features. All elements are uniquely Shoei; Aim+ shell construction for strength, removable cheek pads for fit and comfort, and a distortion free CX-1V shield and Quick Release Base Plate System for unobstructed visibility. Shoei’s commitment to performance excellence, at a surprisingly affordable price the TZ-R has it all.


All Shoei helmets stand out in value, performance, and features - The SYNCROTEC provides the coverage and warmth like a full-face helmet with the convenience of an open-face design.

On the road, the SYNCROTEC, you won't have to remove your helmet when you stop for gas, use an ATM, read a map, or take a picture. All you have to do is flip up the face cover. Unlike other modular designs, you can do it all with one gloved hand. If your passion is out on the road and you only stop when you have to, the SYNCROTEC is for you. SYNCROTEC - The best of both worlds.

St. Cruz

With retro all the craze, Shoei's ST-CRUZ is for the cruiser class. The removable neck curtain, reminiscent of the "ole" days, zippers into the interior lining for versatile looks and protection.

Now you can complete the classic custom look with a helmet that provides the look as well as DOT safety standards.

RJ-Air Platinum

When Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum, it was all about "cruisin". There's nothing quite like the exhilaration you feel when cruising down the open road with the wind in your face. It inspires a tremendous sense of freedom that takes you back to simpler times. Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum so that you can revel in this freedom while enjoying the security, comfort and safety of a modern helmet.

The RJ-AIR Platinum - cruisin' on the mind.